reFort Combating Environmental Issues Daily

Have you ever gone on a hike and seen a bunch of trash? Gone on a scuba diving trip and saw plastic straws, bags, and other non-biodegradables in the ocean? Have you heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that is twice the size of Texas? Have you ever wondered if someone is even doing something about all of this? 

reFort, this startup based in Washington, DC has the objective of combating environmental issues and saving our planet. We’re putting in a lot of effort to reverse the pollution issues we have here at home! 

We are a millennial-generation-owned company and we care about future generations and the sustainability of our planet. We started in 2017 when we were fresh out of college - we decided to start reFort after recognizing a huge issue with abandoned appliances that are bulky and take up a huge amount of space in landfills. We began collecting abandoned appliances, refurbishing them, and giving them a second chance by selling them at low costs. In less than 2 years, we have saved over 500,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. To visualize this, think of a cube, measuring 18 inches in length, width, and height. That cube typically contains 180 grams of Carbon Dioxide (or .4 pound). We have saved 500,000 pounds, which is equivalent to a cube measuring 1.25 million times bigger than the 18-inch cube (pictured below). We are only getting started!

Keep in mind that these pollution and waste problems can’t be solved by others - we need your help. This planet is absolutely suffering due to pollution and waste, and we will need much more investment and support. You can help us by:

  1. Reduce your use of various items, reuse instead of buying new, repurpose, reclaim, and eventually, recycle instead of throwing stuff away! 
  2. Not littering. Trash cans are usually within walking distance. It is easier for you to walk and throw away your items properly than for a bird to choke on your items.
  3. Cleaning up litter. Motivate others to do the same.
  4. Calling out on litterers. If you see someone litter, call out on the person. It is NOT okay.
  5. Not supporting companies that pollute and are environmentally hazardous.
  6. Buying fewer products in general, reusing more
  7. Buying products that are eco-friendly.
  8. Carpooling or using public transportation - emission from transportation and shipping is the leading contributor to our current CO2 and pollution issues!

One more thing! You can support our planet by purchasing or subscribing refurbished appliances from us - we will plant a new tree for every item we sell through our partnership with Casey Trees DC. That means every time you order an item from us, you can sleep at night knowing that you have created at least a new tree for future generations. 

Go to reFort’s Inventory to see our refurbished appliances that you can purchase or reFort’s Subscription page for a subscription! Together, we can save our planet!

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