reFort April Highlights

Here’s the first blog for reFort to keep our followers updated! The month of April has been wild - we’ve done a lot and made a lot of progress. We announced two things - our eco-friendly cargo trike and our partnership with Casey Trees DC.

The cargo trike is now live, and we use it for local deliveries. It’s an electric trike, meaning that all of our deliveries are much better for the environment than vans and trucks. We’re very excited to see how things work out with the electric trike. One of the reasons we chose this electric trike are simple - it’s actually faster than cars in the city!

Speaking of bikes in the city, reFort went to a rally in DC to advocate for safer streets. Two people were killed in a week, and one of them was less than a block from our warehouse. We are hoping that DC commits to creating safer streets for all, including companies like ours that use the bike infrastructure in DC.

As for Casey Trees, we also announced our partnership with them this month, right before their Canopy Awards. Casey Trees is a DC-based nonprofit that plants trees to support the urban canopy, as well as plants trees in low-income areas, campuses, and more. During the Canopy Awards, Casey Trees honored one person from Kendall Demonstration Elementary School, Heidi Burns, for her activism. Check out our Instagram for more details!

We also gave a presentation to Kendall Demonstration Elementary School about reFort, our journey, and our philosophy as an eco-friendly business for Earth Day. The students enjoyed chatting with us and loved checking out our bike!

Speaking of Earth Day - we’ve offset a huge amount of carbon through our work in encouraging reuse. In 2017, we offset almost 40,000 pounds of carbon dioxide. In 2018, we offset 293,400 pounds of carbon dioxide, and as of April, we have offset 76,800 pounds of carbon dioxide. This means that reFort has offset over 408,100 pounds of carbon dioxide, equivalent to taking 45 cars off the road for one year.

Thanks for reading, and remember to shop eco-friendly with reFort!

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