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reFort Combating Environmental Issues Daily

Have you ever gone on a hike and seen a bunch of trash? Gone on a scuba diving trip and saw plastic straws, bags, and other non-biodegradables in the ocean? Have you heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch that is twice the size of Texas? Have you ever wondered if someone is even doing something about all of this?  reFort, this startup based in Washington, DC has the objective of combating environmental issues and saving our planet. We’re putting in a lot of effort to reverse the pollution issues we have here at home!  We are a millennial-generation-owned company and we care about future generations and the sustainability of our planet. We started in 2017 when we were fresh...

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reFort April Highlights

Here’s the first blog for reFort to keep our followers updated! The month of April has been wild - we’ve done a lot and made a lot of progress. We announced two things - our eco-friendly cargo trike and our partnership with Casey Trees DC. The cargo trike is now live, and we use it for local deliveries. It’s an electric trike, meaning that all of our deliveries are much better for the environment than vans and trucks. We’re very excited to see how things work out with the electric trike. One of the reasons we chose this electric trike are simple - it’s actually faster than cars in the city! Speaking of bikes in the city, reFort went to...

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