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Save your money. Save your time. Save our planet.

reuse. repurpose. reFort.

By the time summer break hits, the average student has thrown away 640 pounds of trash. Most of it is mini-fridges, televisions, chairs, and other items in good condition. Every year, every campus.

But with over 20 million students looking for items each fall, we need a better way.

reFort is committed to creating sustainable and affordable items for college students, while reducing waste and pollution. Here’s how we do it.


Pick-up your big bulky furniture for you. That’s less headaches and hassle, and more time studying instead. Or at least sleeping until noon on weekends. (You’ll miss it when it’s gone.)


Money by buying refurbished items in the fall. Rule #1: Never turn down extra pizza money.


Together, we cut back on waste and reduce carbon emissions. Get your degree, save money, live in a swanky pad, and stop the ice caps from melting? That’s what we’d call a win.

Who We Are

We’re eco-friendly, committed to doing good work for a good cause. Plus we’re backed by CSD’s Social Venture Fund. And we’re just getting started.

Meet the reFort Team

Ethan Kramer

Ethan Kramer


Ethan is a native of Frederick, Maryland who loves outdoor sports – mountain biking, surfing, and skiing. It is clear that global pollution has been growing exponentially, becoming increasingly noticeable in every corner of the world. A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology who holds an MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovative Ventures, he is determined to recycle as much of the waste stream as possible, and save our only and one planet.
Myles Goldberg

Myles Goldberg


Myles is the guy who brings the marketing groove to reFort. Taking risks, challenges, and adventures never ceases to excite him. Born in Cincinnati, OH (Bengals!), raised in Frederick MD, and currently living in Washington D.C., he aims to make a difference across the nation. Myles is determined to make a social impact by increasing the recycling stream and reducing landfill mass. It’s a HUGE challenge, but it is possible!
Sean Maiwald

Sean Maiwald


Sean is a seventh generation Californian, but has lived in DC for six years now. He enjoys scuba diving in his free time and hates seeing trash and other polluted things in the water, which was one of his inspirations behind reFort. Sean graduated from Gallaudet with Ethan and Myles, and will be graduating from The George Washington University in May with a Master’s in Public Policy.

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